Such is life

My parents’ house is no longer a place that feels like home. It’s familiar in the cobwebbed corners of my memory, yet it’s not where I’m supposed to be anymore. It bums me out, honestly, but my memories have already begun to fade. New memories form over old ones like video taping over old content. I think at this point in my life though, I am ready to move forward.

I’m not used to the things that belong to my parents. Over the years away in school and now moved out and on my own, I’ve grown accustomed to my own things and doing things my own way, while also growing mentally. I forget that I live in my own unblemished little bubble and that much of the United States possess very different thoughts of food and life and routine.

Take for example my sister’s daily breakfast of waffles. To fill her waffly needs, my mother drives to the grocery store to wander down the aisle labeled “frozen breakfast” for Kellogg’s® Eggo® Chocolate Chip waffles. Frozen waffles wouldn’t even cross my mind as an option for breakfast. Call me old-fashioned, but I would turn to flour, butter, eggs, leavening, cultured dairy, and a hot waffle iron. Upon requiring a specific ingredient, I’d buckle on my helmet and ride my bike down to the store.

As another example, I mention feeding my sourdough starter to harvest enough for a recipe of granola bars. All that follows are snickers, looks of bemusement, and questions of what that even means. A sourdough starter?

So, standing in the kitchen with my granola bars, the indescribable smell of chocolate chip waffles shooting out of the toaster, and the rapid-fire crows of an adopted bantam rooster, I knowingly but unconsciously, continue taping over those distant memories with new ones, like these. I continue to change and I see that more and more with each visit home.

And such is life.


adapted from Wild Yeast Blog

rolled oats – 60 g
buckwheat groats – 60 g
cashews – 80 g, chopped
hemp & sesame seeds – 75 g
dates – 100 g, chopped
crystallized ginger – 50 g, chopped
zest of 2 lemons
sea salt – 6 g


almond butter – 100 g
maple syrup – 50 g
sourdough starter (toss off) – 250 g

Combine and pour into dry ingredients. Use wet fingers to press into a greased 9×13-inch dish.

Bake @350 degrees until golden brown or 20 minutes.

Yield 12 squares.

Submitted to Sourdough Surprises & YeastSpotting.


3 thoughts on “Such is life

  1. SeattleDee

    I love the notion of ” taping over those distant memories with new ones,” not really forgetting but laying down new tracks of experience. And the granola sounds a wonderful mix of flavors and textures!


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